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Sometimes, Burlesque is cruel. For example, for the last and late-night fashion performance at STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4, CLEA CUTTHROAT came on stage with a beautiful white lace babydoll dress made by fashion & costume designer Anna from LILY CUT (Berlin). But, as things are supposed to be, the lovely LILY CUT dress has been on her body only for a little while - before being stripped off and thrown into the (not so) 'next corner'... Burlesque-style cruelties to the fashion world... So see - before it's too late - how beautiful Anna's dress is:


Late-night performance by CLEA CUTTHROAT @ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4
Berlin Fashion Week - 17th of January 2014

Clea entered stage with a cigarette and highlighted her gorgeous LILY CUT dress

CLEA CUTTHROAT in her white lace babydoll by LILY CUT with a cluster of grapes.
So we were warned from the beginnings about her Dionysian ways to come... (^.^)
(Dionysus has been the ancient Greek god of wine, happiness, grapes, of fertility and ecstasy)

Take a close look at the beauty of the LILY CUT dress before it's too late!!! ♥

 ... ooops... not so bad either... (^.^)

Take(s) care of the dress, CLEA CUTTHROAT! ...since the stage is so wet and dirty after the ecstatic punk & trash & electro porn show of NÄD MIKA and her dancer ANITA (with special guest KURT VON BLEY) directly before... on the bottom right the black dressing gown already taken off by CLEA.

Having undressed and thrown aside safely LILY CUT's babydoll (precise as a star basketballer to the one and only clean place on stage!!!) - there was nothing to hold her back...


Beautiful punk priestess CLEA CUTTHROAT tastes the sweet life

... and what Näd & Anita hadn't already trashed before... CLEA CUTTHROAT finished it professionally, messed it up finally and left no doubt that there is nothing more to come on stage this night...

Self-censorship? Cream ecstasy!!!


Slippery and gluey: Watch the front of the stage!!! (^.^)
Tons of champagne, puffed rice, beer, sweat, ashes, grapes, cream & blood...

Blood runs down CLEA's body... (sorry for the censorship-stars!)


CLEA CUTTHROAT's grande finale of an endlessly beautiful STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4

Love & Kisses to CLEA CUTTHROAT & Anna from LILY CUT!!!
And thanx so much to Benjamin for these gorgeous photos!!!

All photos by
Benjamin Lippke (House of Rough Arts)

Bloodspitting Drama Queen & World Champion in Grotesque Ballett



Modedesign und Maßschneiderei (Berlin)

[this post is not finished yet. I'm simply not finished with creating stupid stars to hide CLEA CUTTHROAT's beautiful breasts (all breasts are beautiful!!!)... strange censorship policy on lovely humans and arts...]


Having our punk fashion sub-topics of the holes, the nets and the transparency all perfectly with the harness by DEGENEROTIKA shown by Laura SCHEN during her wonderful live concert earlier that evening, NÄD MIKA was the great representative of the punk-fashion sub-topics of the shields and of visibility later that night. Just like the opposite of the other sphere - regarding some 'original' punk fashion significant in items like leather jackets, heavy boots, spikes and so on. Many references to these kinds of styles appeared in NÄD's stage outfit, starting from hiding under a monk-like cowl during the beginning of her show, when everything was smoky already since the fog machine of Urban Spree did a good job on that...

Enigmatic: NÄD MIKA appears on stage during her foggy Intro like coming out of a crypt...
Actually, that is where she came from!!! (^.^)

  Spiked leather gloves appear on the microphone

... and the high priestess of electro-punk-trash starts to preach... :-)

Liebling hast du mir was mitgebracht?
Irgendetwas das mich glücklich macht.
Etwas besonderes für diese Nacht.
Liebling hast du mir was mitgebracht?

NÄD MIKA brought her dancer ANITA with her, who's outfit was a good complement to the shields-sphere of Näd in the sense of the holes, nets & transparency sphere...

ANITA has been a very pleasant 'present' by Näd...

Ich brauche etwas das mich glücklich macht.
Ich brauche etwas das mich glücklich macht.
Zeig mal her zeig mal her

Super ANITA dancing

Liebling hast du was für mich dabei?
Egal wieviel
Eins oder zwei oder drei.

... after taking off the cowl, the main outfit of NÄD MIKA was to be seen underneath:
an amazing costume by fashion designer Julia Weinstock's WUNSCHGESTÖBER label (Wunschgestöber is a very suitable name, it means something like a flurry of wishes and desires...), made out of black wet-look lacquer with a significant triangle or X between shoulders and hips, highlighted by yellow stripes following and emphasizing this flamboyant form...

... and this gorgeous outfit was just as Näd's concert as a whole...

NÄD MIKA singing, ANITA dancing ♥

 Glows in the smoke: WUNSCHGESTÖBER fashion

  It has been so foggy on stage then that NÄD MIKA needed to wear sunglasses... (^.^)

 The beginnings of the disaster... NÄD MIKA throws puffed rice into the ecstatic and happy audience... ♥

 Gib mir etwas das mich glücklich macht
Gib mir etwas das mich glücklich macht.
Gib mal her, gib mal her und dann

 ... so, KURT VON BLEY thought, sounds funny, why not open a bottle of champagne... ;-)

... and ANITA thought: Fuck you - this stage is for girl's fun only!!! (^.^)

Did she think this? Did she think? Did Kurt have a chance to think? What happened to the three of them later? What did Näd do after her performance? Who was doing what with whom later? Is there a dominant lesbian relationship between Näd and Anita and Kurt is their slave or is Anita dominating both Näd & Kurt? Is Kurt the master of both of them? Does Anita love Näd and who is jealous about that? Does Näd love Anita and Kurt is gay? Does Kurt love Näd but was to shy to tell her and so became a slave of Anita? Are Näd and Anita still friends after this performance? Are Anita and Kurt still friends after this performance? And what about Kurt and Näd? Do they all love each other? Will we ever know???
Is it all just a show and nobody loves anybody?
If you are interested in all these interesting topics, keep following this blog.

We love all the three of you!!!

Lyrics by NÄD MIKA, the title song of her gorgeous and stunning new album "Liebling Bang Bang"

All of these great photos by

Benjamin Lippke (House of Rough Arts)

NÄD MIKA (Berlin)
Scandalous New Pop-Punk-Electro-Trash Dance Diva


Kostüm Manufaktur (Essen)
Modedesignerin Julia Weinstock

What a great show, thanx so much!!!!!!!!!

NÄD MIKA live & her dancer ANITA seen by JARKA SNAJBERK

After our switch from the beautiful, arty gallery atmosphere to Urban Spree's club & dance room after midnight and a first driving DJ set by Steve Morell there - giving the starting fire for the second half of our fourth Night of Fashion, Performances, Arts & Music - NÄD MIKA went on stage for her furious and bombastic live show of her recently released great album "Liebling Bang Bang" and older songs. She wore a significant latex dress by WUNSCHGESTÖBER costume design and came with her amazingly erotic dancer ANITA. Having the perfect electronic party beats & a great appealing voice for her wonderful Berlin nightlife lyrics, her congenial live/life attitude & Anita's crazy dance show all on her side, NÄD MIKA's live set was hot as hell... it was simply like...

I dance – and you dance – and we dance – Disco Romance
I dance – and we dance – and you dance – Disco Romance
I dance – and we dance – and you dance – Disco Romance
I dance – and we dance – and you dance – Disco Romance

NÄD MIKA live wears WUNSCHGESTÖBER fashion... and sunglasses at night...

Heute bin ich in den Club
Weil ich endlich wissen muss
was Du eigentlich damit meinst
dass auch innen die Sonne scheint!

NÄD and her dancer ANITA rocking the house

Morgen bin ich aufgewacht
nach einer durchzechten Nacht
wusste nicht mehr wer ich bin
gehe jetzt woanders hin

Liebe scheint auch in der Nacht
ich seh Dich in voller Pracht!!!

Heute bin ich in den Club
Weil ich endlich wissen muss
was Du eigentlich damit meinst
dass auch innen die Sonne scheint!

ANITA in ecstasy

Je danse – et tu danses – et nous dansons – l’amour discotheque
Je danse – et tu danses – et nous dansons – l’amour discotheque

Ich tanze – und Du tanzt – und wir tanzen – Disco Romanze
Ich tanze – und Du tanzt – und wir tanzen – Disco Romanze

Disco – Disco - Disco

Disco – Disco - Disco

Disco – Disco - Disco

Encore, encore avec toi!
Encore - l’amour - avec toi!!!

Thank you very very much, Anita & Näd Mika, good night!!!
You both were absolutely amazing!!!
What a great show!!!!!!

Lyrics from NÄD MIKA's song "Diskoromance" (on her great new album "Liebling Bang Bang")

wears fashion design by

Kostüm Manufaktur (Essen)
Dipl. Modedesignerin Julia Weinstock

All photos by our official photographer

Monday, January 27, 2014

Orgies, Drugs, Porn & Roll with NÄD MIKA & ANITA...

... behind the scenes with NÄD MIKA and her stunning dancer ANITA @ our punky STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4 during Berlin Fashion Week...

This is a personal story
It happens many nights
Sometimes I feel sorry
Mostly I’m too blind.
What happened to me?
I went out last night
And what happened to me
What happened to me?

In the dungeon...

Näd Mika und ihre Schülerin Anita im Keller @ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4
Berlin Fashion Week, 17. Jan. 2014, Urban Spree

Ce cosa fai? Ce cosa fai?
Warst du auch dabei? Gestern Nacht? Warst du auch dabei und hast da mitgemacht?
What’s my name and where’s my jacket?
What’s my name and where’s my jacket?
Where’s my jacket and what’s my name?
I think I go insane I think I go insane

 ... bis hierher ging's noch ganz gut...

Backstage babes... Näd Mika, Kurt von Bley & Anita before the show...

Too much poison for my brain
Too much poison for my brain


Was hab ich nur getan?
In diesem Partywahn
Ich habe keinen Plan
Ich war total im Wahn
Schmale Gänge kleiner Raum
Alles eng, nur ein Traum.
Schöne Körper und viel Dreck, alles da zu meinem Zweck!

Anita live on stage, in action with Kurt von Bley...

Ach ja jetzt weiss ich wieder
Du knietest vor mir nieder
Wir spreizten alle Glieder
Und alles immer wieder
Immer wieder
Immer wieder
Immer wieder
Immer wieder
Du sagtest irgendwas und dann war alles nass.
Ich weiss nicht mehr genau.
Warst du denn eine Frau?

... und später... / ... and after...

Kurt von Bley @ Berlin Fashion Week... later, he did not find a cleaner's accepting to take his wasted rubber clothes, officially ruined in Anita's sexy punk-style ecstasy...

This was punk rock, this was hardcore!!!

Lyrics by NÄD MIKA from her song "Ce Cosa Fai" on "Liebling Bang Bang" album

Meet - and never regret
the scandalous New Pop-Punk-Electro-Trash Dance Diva vomiting sexual innuendos and explicit lyrics in an absurdly stereotypical German accent to pounding techno beats mixed with thrashing guitars

photos via Näd Mika & Kurt von Bley, the third one by House of Rough Arts

Sunday, January 26, 2014


With some nice delay and a good while after midnight, the first part of our amazing STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4 night at Urban Spree's gallery was over then and it has been already such a great & thrilling evening much more lovely and interesting than most loveless und boring Berlin events till that point. But, unbelievable enough, it has been just the first half of our "Re-Thinking PUNK!"-night... So we asked our guests to switch into the club room now for the second part, where DJ STEVE MORELL was just waiting for them to drive our hungry guests directly onto the dance floor. And it worked out fine... super fine... you could feel the party fever from the first seconds and STEVE did such a great job to let not one single person standing still... amazing!!! Thanx so much, Steve, thanx you lovely & stylish party people!!! ♥

Party music by

Pale Music

All photos by

JARKA SNAJBERK / Springbuck Photography (Berlin & Prag)

Night of Fashion, Performances, Arts & Music
- Re-Thinking PUNK! -
  Berlin Fashion Week - Fr 17thJanuary 2014