Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Beginnings of a Great Adventure

Pleasantly early of STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4 with the topic "Re-Thinking PUNK!" the gallery of URBAN SPREE filled up with many guests and it soon became clear that our night would be joined by a lot of interested, interesting and nice people. In this first period many guests got pictured in front of our STREET GLAMOUR PHOTO WALL and were watching our great and wonderfully varied ART EXHIBITIONS of Elke Graalfs, Nora Below and Shąvi Ląvi. It has been the beginnings of a long, wonderful, lovely and finally crazy freaked-out night!!!

Hope to look like a brave curator with many great and lovely visions... Kersten Haines in a new hair-style saying Hallo to our guests and explaining the mission and heart of the STYLE! IT! TAKES! project

Guests listening my quite long opening speech, introducing our project and this blog... talking about it's politics... making references to women's, queer & human rights... the death of Nelson Mandela and about supporting the Berlin struggles of the refugees right in front of our doors... and also about last year's death of Lou Reed, the Velvet Underground & Andy Warhol (Style It Takes)... and saying very nice words about our participants and always very lovely guests and atmosphere... ♥

STYLE! IT! TAKES! curator Kersten Haines in The Blossom Dress and spiked high heels by DEGENEROTIKA

While our DJs JEAN DEFAUT and ROMAN EMPIRE played gorgeous punk tunes (lovely-wise mainly from the original punk medium, the 7'inch single!), people soon took over the whole huge room of the Urban Spree gallery
(in the background left the Street Glamour Photo Wall, right to it the art exhibitions of Elke Graalfs and Shąvi Ląvi)

One of our nice guests on our stage in the gallery

All pictures in this post by
Benjamin Lippke (House of Rough Arts)

STYLE! IT! TAKES! curator Kersten Haines
wears The Blossom Dress & spiked heels by

Violent Avantgarde Fashion
Art of Attire by Thea Adora Bauer & Jasa Gladez (Berlin)

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