Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing DEGENEROTIKA fashion

Just before the live concert of SCHEN could start, it was about time to introduce and say thanx to DEGENEROTIKA fashion. Beside the lovely designers themselves, Thea B. Adora & Jasa Gladez, they also provided our artist Shąvi Ląvi, curator Kersten Haines and musician Laura Schen with their wonderful and superb avantgarde fashion designs.

Here are pictures from our official photographer Jarka Snajberk, who captured our 'family pictures' in her beautiful way:

Degenerotika designers Jasa Gladez & Thea B. Adora, exhibiting artist Shąvi Ląvi and curator Kersten Haines

Introducing Laura SCHEN on stage

Jasa Gladez, Thea B. Adora, Shąvi Ląvi, Kersten Haines & Laura Schen, all wearing DEGENEROTIKA fashion

SCHEN live on stage wearing a harness by DEGENEROTIKA

More pictures of this situation (in colour)...

All photos by

Jasa Gladez, Thea B. Adora, Shąvi Ląvi, Kersten Haines & Laura Schen
wear fashion designs by
Violent Avantgarde Fashion
Art of Attire by Thea Adora Bauer & Jasa Gladez (Berlin)


  1. Their harnesses were indeed unique!

  2. Yes, indeed! I loved all five outfits - amazing!!! ♥