Friday, January 31, 2014


Sometimes, Burlesque is cruel. For example, for the last and late-night fashion performance at STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4, CLEA CUTTHROAT came on stage with a beautiful white lace babydoll dress made by fashion & costume designer Anna from LILY CUT (Berlin). But, as things are supposed to be, the lovely LILY CUT dress has been on her body only for a little while - before being stripped off and thrown into the (not so) 'next corner'... Burlesque-style cruelties to the fashion world... So see - before it's too late - how beautiful Anna's dress is:


Late-night performance by CLEA CUTTHROAT @ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4
Berlin Fashion Week - 17th of January 2014

Clea entered stage with a cigarette and highlighted her gorgeous LILY CUT dress

CLEA CUTTHROAT in her white lace babydoll by LILY CUT with a cluster of grapes.
So we were warned from the beginnings about her Dionysian ways to come... (^.^)
(Dionysus has been the ancient Greek god of wine, happiness, grapes, of fertility and ecstasy)

Take a close look at the beauty of the LILY CUT dress before it's too late!!! ♥

 ... ooops... not so bad either... (^.^)

Take(s) care of the dress, CLEA CUTTHROAT! ...since the stage is so wet and dirty after the ecstatic punk & trash & electro porn show of NÄD MIKA and her dancer ANITA (with special guest KURT VON BLEY) directly before... on the bottom right the black dressing gown already taken off by CLEA.

Having undressed and thrown aside safely LILY CUT's babydoll (precise as a star basketballer to the one and only clean place on stage!!!) - there was nothing to hold her back...


Beautiful punk priestess CLEA CUTTHROAT tastes the sweet life

... and what Näd & Anita hadn't already trashed before... CLEA CUTTHROAT finished it professionally, messed it up finally and left no doubt that there is nothing more to come on stage this night...

Self-censorship? Cream ecstasy!!!


Slippery and gluey: Watch the front of the stage!!! (^.^)
Tons of champagne, puffed rice, beer, sweat, ashes, grapes, cream & blood...

Blood runs down CLEA's body... (sorry for the censorship-stars!)


CLEA CUTTHROAT's grande finale of an endlessly beautiful STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4

Love & Kisses to CLEA CUTTHROAT & Anna from LILY CUT!!!
And thanx so much to Benjamin for these gorgeous photos!!!

All photos by
Benjamin Lippke (House of Rough Arts)

Bloodspitting Drama Queen & World Champion in Grotesque Ballett



Modedesign und Maßschneiderei (Berlin)

[this post is not finished yet. I'm simply not finished with creating stupid stars to hide CLEA CUTTHROAT's beautiful breasts (all breasts are beautiful!!!)... strange censorship policy on lovely humans and arts...]

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