Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A glamorous & international family... ♥

 Ljubljana - Berlin - Verona - New York: Separation exists only in human mind!

The united colours of DEGENEROTIKA ♥

Degenerotika designers Jasa Gladez & Thea B. Adora, exhibiting artist Shąvi Ląvi and curator Kersten Haines wearing black avantgarde fashion of DEGENEROTIKA

...out of the black, into the blue: Laura, we love you!!! ♥

Jasa Gladez, Thea B. Adora, Shąvi Ląvi, Kersten Haines & Laura Schen, all wearing DEGENEROTIKA fashion

SCHEN live, in the beginning wearing a blue jacket over her blue dress with the significant black harness of DEGENEROTIKA fashion


SCHEN live @ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4 (Berlin Fashion Week, 17. Jan. 2014)

During SCHEN's beautiful instrumental "The Sea", gorgeous dancer CLEA CUTTHROAT appeared, wonderfully dancing with a stocking mask and a fan in her hand...

See more of CLEA CUTTHROAT's fabulous dance here...

Violent Avantgarde Fashion
Art of Attire by Thea Adora Bauer & Jasa Gladez (Berlin)

"The Breasts of Tiresias" (Photographic Art Exhibition)žba-fotografija-“tiresijeve-grudi”.html
The Breasts of Tiresias by SHAVI LAVI

Curator of STYLE! IT! TAKES!

SCHEN (Italy)
  Cold Wave-Electro-Ambient with a breathtaking voice and beautifully spherical soundscapes

Read more about SCHEN in this blog:
More nights with SCHEN (Jan. 2014)
Happy Island. A night with Laura SCHEN
(Sept. 2013)

  World Champion in Grotesque Ballett with Masters in Eyeliner

Four nations, one love!!!

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