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So here, finally in full colour, the beautiful Laura and her great outfit at her gorgeous and stunning STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4 live concert!

Since SCHEN has a kind of colour concept behind her artistic work, it has been clear from the beginning that she will wear a blue dress, since blue is the colour of her first album "Happy Island" belonging to this show. So we decided to combine one of her 'electric blue' dresses with a black & beautiful framing harness of the avantgarde fashion label DEGENEROTIKA, highlighting areas of the dress & body and creating zones of visibility, giving it both a fetish and also a little androgynous note since the top belts of the harness may be reminiscent a bit of suspenders.
So her outfit was referring to two sub-topics of our "Re-Thinking PUNK!" motto:
the field of "Androgyny / Fetish / Queerness" and, obviously, "Visibility & Transparency (Shields, Holes, Nets & Cuts)".
Laura combined this outfit with a semi-transparent black top under the dress and kept her significant blue eyeshadow, the bright red lipstick and her 'talisman' Schen-chain.

Being a real DIY-music-woman like already introduced in two older posts about her, the rest and to her most important part came all by herself: her amazing and touching self-composed and self-produced music, playing keyboards and guitar live on stage and not to forget her gorgeous voice! She played the whole "Happy Island" album, and after CLEA CUTTHROATS's surprise performance (ok., I have to admit, I as curator of this project knew about it before *lol*) during the fourth song, the wonderful instrumental "The Sea", SCHEN had her own surprises in store: during the penultimate song "Whirl" - together with "Plays of Light" and "The Sea" one of the highlights of her first album - a black & white still of the Berlin Wall has been screened, which created interesting interactions with her gestures standing in front of it, her blue dress and the black harness, her shadow and the stage light as to be seen in these pictures, captured wonderfully by our photographer Jarka Snajberk.

The concert once more proved that SCHEN's music has a big future, if not commercially, then at least artistically. And so my very favourite song is one of her new songs, "Electronic Bubbles", and it came as the final highlight of her great concert! And together with Italian musician and film maker Nikita she made a wonderful video for it which had been screened also for the very first time at our special night!

Four times Laura, wonderfully captured by Jarka Snajberk: in real on stage, as shadow follwing her shadow on the screen and as girl in film

Scenes from Schen's great "Electronic Bubbles" video

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 wears a harness by

Violent Avantgarde Fashion
Art of Attire by Thea Adora Bauer & Jasa Gladez (Berlin)


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