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Having our punk fashion sub-topics of the holes, the nets and the transparency all perfectly with the harness by DEGENEROTIKA shown by Laura SCHEN during her wonderful live concert earlier that evening, NÄD MIKA was the great representative of the punk-fashion sub-topics of the shields and of visibility later that night. Just like the opposite of the other sphere - regarding some 'original' punk fashion significant in items like leather jackets, heavy boots, spikes and so on. Many references to these kinds of styles appeared in NÄD's stage outfit, starting from hiding under a monk-like cowl during the beginning of her show, when everything was smoky already since the fog machine of Urban Spree did a good job on that...

Enigmatic: NÄD MIKA appears on stage during her foggy Intro like coming out of a crypt...
Actually, that is where she came from!!! (^.^)

  Spiked leather gloves appear on the microphone

... and the high priestess of electro-punk-trash starts to preach... :-)

Liebling hast du mir was mitgebracht?
Irgendetwas das mich glücklich macht.
Etwas besonderes für diese Nacht.
Liebling hast du mir was mitgebracht?

NÄD MIKA brought her dancer ANITA with her, who's outfit was a good complement to the shields-sphere of Näd in the sense of the holes, nets & transparency sphere...

ANITA has been a very pleasant 'present' by Näd...

Ich brauche etwas das mich glücklich macht.
Ich brauche etwas das mich glücklich macht.
Zeig mal her zeig mal her

Super ANITA dancing

Liebling hast du was für mich dabei?
Egal wieviel
Eins oder zwei oder drei.

... after taking off the cowl, the main outfit of NÄD MIKA was to be seen underneath:
an amazing costume by fashion designer Julia Weinstock's WUNSCHGESTÖBER label (Wunschgestöber is a very suitable name, it means something like a flurry of wishes and desires...), made out of black wet-look lacquer with a significant triangle or X between shoulders and hips, highlighted by yellow stripes following and emphasizing this flamboyant form...

... and this gorgeous outfit was just as Näd's concert as a whole...

NÄD MIKA singing, ANITA dancing ♥

 Glows in the smoke: WUNSCHGESTÖBER fashion

  It has been so foggy on stage then that NÄD MIKA needed to wear sunglasses... (^.^)

 The beginnings of the disaster... NÄD MIKA throws puffed rice into the ecstatic and happy audience... ♥

 Gib mir etwas das mich glücklich macht
Gib mir etwas das mich glücklich macht.
Gib mal her, gib mal her und dann

 ... so, KURT VON BLEY thought, sounds funny, why not open a bottle of champagne... ;-)

... and ANITA thought: Fuck you - this stage is for girl's fun only!!! (^.^)

Did she think this? Did she think? Did Kurt have a chance to think? What happened to the three of them later? What did Näd do after her performance? Who was doing what with whom later? Is there a dominant lesbian relationship between Näd and Anita and Kurt is their slave or is Anita dominating both Näd & Kurt? Is Kurt the master of both of them? Does Anita love Näd and who is jealous about that? Does Näd love Anita and Kurt is gay? Does Kurt love Näd but was to shy to tell her and so became a slave of Anita? Are Näd and Anita still friends after this performance? Are Anita and Kurt still friends after this performance? And what about Kurt and Näd? Do they all love each other? Will we ever know???
Is it all just a show and nobody loves anybody?
If you are interested in all these interesting topics, keep following this blog.

We love all the three of you!!!

Lyrics by NÄD MIKA, the title song of her gorgeous and stunning new album "Liebling Bang Bang"

All of these great photos by

Benjamin Lippke (House of Rough Arts)

NÄD MIKA (Berlin)
Scandalous New Pop-Punk-Electro-Trash Dance Diva


Kostüm Manufaktur (Essen)
Modedesignerin Julia Weinstock

What a great show, thanx so much!!!!!!!!!

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