Saturday, July 7, 2012


NORA BELOW performing AMF KORSETS' Couture Leather for Apocalyptic Flesh
live in the early hours of the 7th of July 2012 @ STYLE! IT! TAKES! @ .HBC Berlin

 Nora Below's executioner arriving @ .HBC
 Tina, Elke Graalfs, Nora Below, Huh Yun-hee and Jakob performing AMF KORSETS
In the beginning, Elke and Yun-hee wore handmade leather masks made by
Louis Fleischauer of AMF Korsets.

2 pics of Marco Goldenstein:
Nora wore a military vest over her red AMF Korset at first.

A detail of Nora's red AMF Korset

 A video of the first 10 minutes:

Later Nora undressed a bit and changed her hair from black to blonde... Tina and Jakob left the stage, the artists Huh Yun-hee and Elke Graalfs were seen without Louis Fleischauers (AMF Korsets) big masks...

 Huh Yun-hee & Nora Below

Huh Yun-hee wears AMF Korsets

Elke Graalfs wears AMF Korsets (Photo: Marco Goldenstein)

Nora Below with her tambourine
(these 2 pics were made by JCHartmann)

Huh Yun-hee and Elke Graalfs after the show

Nora's AMF Korset in detail
(pic from the fitting @ AMF Korsets in May 2012 by RG, edit: Magenta)

More pictures of this great performance

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