Saturday, July 7, 2012


If you close the door, the night could last forever
leave the sunshine out and say hello to never...
if you close the door, you'd never have to see the day again...
(Velvet Underground - Afterhours)

After a very hot night even we had to finally leave .HBC in the morning of the 7th of July 2012...

Inka had been our extremely stylish door fairy the whole night ♥

DJ Eric van Wonterghem in the morning of July 7 2012 @ Style! It! Takes!(.HBC / Berlin)

So it was time to pack our stuff and leave the location of the first Style! It! Takes! night in Berlin.


Dark party bars
Shiny Cadillac cars
and the people on subways and trains
Looking gray in the rain
as they stand disarrayed
oh but people look well in the dark
(Velvet Underground - Afterhours)

Surprisingly now it was raining... Everyone being a kind of exhausted zombie we grabbed a taxi and went home for an afterhour... obviously we couldn't stop now!!! (^.^)


My wonderful friends and me after all this amazingly great madness... ♥

It's ok to look stupid after working like maniacs...

While everybody was kinda sleeping from time to time (even on the chairs... :-) discussing our experiences in that long long night Nora's amazingly stylish dog Tia seemed to be the only one awake and alive...  but she hadn't sound checked, set up the stuff, performed, danced, greeted our guests, she didn't sing, didn't wear a corset and of course she didn't walk in very very high heeled shoes the whole night... (^.^) ...

 Nora and her sweet dog Tia

Inka's phantastic hair style with blue glowing accessories

My beloved friends gave me a wonderful gift: a stunning collar by fashion designer Louis Fleischauer (AMF KORSETS) which suited my KNOTH KOUTURE dress surprisingly well.


Details of my KNOTH KOUTURE dress. The following pictures actually were made weeks before the event.

We later decided to use transparent bra straps to let Jenny's wonderful design fully come to it's right.

 Details of the back side.

The skirt part from the front.


At that time we tried out a lot of different panty colours and various shoes. We checked the dress with ripped blue tights, with white stockings and even with a red pantyhose (ouch! (^.^)...). My Lola Cruz heels were quite nice with it, too, but in the end we voted for skin coloured tights and a different pair of black high heels for the event...


So many decisions to be made...


Making up.

What's so funny about?

Diamonds are a girl's best friends. My Lola Cruz shoes.

xxx, ♥

All pics by Inka except
the first one by Dagmar H.,
the second (DJ Eric) and third one (the two in the Collage) by Nora.
Cuts and collage by Magenta.

Photo shooting with my Knoth Kouture dress in this blog: Magenta trägt Knoth Kouture

Couture Leather for Apocalyptic Flesh

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