Saturday, January 25, 2014


Everybody is en vogue!!!
My posts about the fourth Night of Fashion, Performances, Arts & Music, this time @ Urban Spree, started with my story about the beautiful STREET GLAMOUR PHOTO WALL (read about this lovely idea there). Our stylish guests were photographed by Lux Artifex and Eve Lumière of photo studio "Atelier 'et Lux'". In the first part we already had wonderful pictures of various nice & beautiful guests, of the runners from DEGENEROTIKA fashion label & exhibiting artist SHAVI LAVI, of Teaserettes-night-celeb SHEILA WOLF & model SINTEQUE, of me the curator & Pezi from DOLLBREAK, to name just a few. To end my photo love stories of the first part of our amazing STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 4 in Urban Spree's gallery, here you go for the second part of these beautiful pictures! ♥♥♥

Singer & performer Näd Mika

Dancer Anita

The Näd Mika crew: film cutter Susi Hecht, dancer Anita & Näd Mika

The servant & her master: Anita & Näd before their show :-)

Kurt von Bley & Majzer Mayser

Official photographer Jarka Snajberkova & DJ Steve Morell

Marie C & (a) friend bring in a lovely happy style!!!

Exhibiting artists Nora Below & Elke Graalfs making fun

Model Gunni in her nice outfit after the BAAL fashion show

Gothic girls Maria (EN Finsternis) & Marta Raya wear hats

Funny idea: a guest posing with a Run DMC record

Three guests in black posing together

Italo-Disco-DJ Michele Barox

Model Sinteque attended our event in a great outfit & wonderful shoes

A guest striking a funny pose

Guests in a very stylish red & black combination

Took beautiful pictures of our event himself:
Photographer Benjamin Lippke (House of Rough Arts)

 Joshua Diedrichs & Alla Lepnina having fun

Our official photographer Jarka Snajberkova, soon going back to her gorgeous work

Fashion designer Thea Adora Bauer from DEGENEROTIKA

So thank you so much again to everyone taking part - you all look so great!!! ♥♥♥
And time to say thanx again to our amazing photographers Lux Artifex & Eve Lumière of Atelier 'et Lux' for all these beautiful pictures and all your nice work!!! I'm sure, you both made all of us very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥

Curator Kersten Haines & photographer Lux Artifex from ATELIER 'ET LUX' (pointing out my DOLLBREAK chain)

Photographer Eve Lumière (ATELIER 'ET LUX') & me in a dress, harness & spiked heels by DEGENEROTIKA fashion

... but the end of our STREET GLAMOUR PHOTO WALL has not been the end of our amazing event... we only changed rooms then for the second part of an unbelievable night...

All photos by

:-) Lux Artifex & Eve Lumière - the photographers picturing each other :-)


Watch all released pictures of our STREET GLAMOUR PHOTO WALL in the album of Atelier 'ex Lux' Facebook-Page (and don't forget to like it! ;-)).

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