Tuesday, October 8, 2013

High-heeled gymnastics

One night...

I made these pictures at home
with the camera of an old mobile (black & white mode).

No mirrors.

No photoshop.

Just me and a little gymnastics with my own feet touching each other...

... crossing...

...high in the air (never ever on the ground)...

...straight and brave while taking pictures...

to reach the sky

The camera is able to give some colour, too.

My feet touching my wall (spread).

A small floor lamp gave the light...

The black & white swan


Back on secure grounds.


I bought these lovely Lola Cruz pumps shortly before on a nice flea market in Kreuzberg (Prinzessinnengärten) - just like the white babydoll dress (you already know that one*).

The multi crystal effect embellishment on the toe (with a pleated black mesh overlay)
glows in the darkness (this pic is the only one with a doubling shadow!)...

I love these pics.

I love this camera.

I love nightly gymnastics.

I love experiments.


My black Lola Cruz stiletto pumps (left) with its multi crystal effect embellishment &
pleated black mesh overlay (detail)

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