Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve

Pic via The Cult Cat@Elverojaguar

The year 2015 has been a year full of many wonderful moments for me, many dramatic situations in the world, inside me or just around the corner – and definitely many big changes not finished yet. Actually, nothing got finished this year! In my eyes, this year run too fast and could last a bit longer, I finally loved it!!! ♥
Now it's already time to say goodbye, so I open in a quite sentimental *though very optimistic* mood a bottle of champagne & wish all of you for our new year 2016...


"I am thankful"
Pic & Text via @LuvinLife_xo


"I hope you find someone who knows how to love you when you are sad"
writes @belkacemi about this pic on Twitter


via @ghadazien


Asian girls via @luckycatlucky * HAPPY NEW YEAR Card via @GuernseyJuliet (Original title: "E' qui la festa? Buona fine d'anno #CatLovers")

Sweeties & Coffee

"We shall do that!"
via @petravdhulst


via @jirijl


Marilyn Monroe at the Broadway premiere of 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'
via @belkacemi


via @kalousha83

Health & Beauty

"起點.2-01 我的愛 消失在 沒有 未來 的 現在 『Heroin』"
via @HerOinYin

Sensual Pleasures

via @hannahobeyed


Isabelle Adjani Photographed by Jean-Claude Deutsch, 1973
via @MaraRiv2


Michael Rougier: Teenage Wasteland - Portraits of Japanese Youth in Revolt, 1964
via @MaraRiv2


Starry heavens
Title by me, pic via @luckycatlucky

Dreams & Wishes

via @SEREF737


via @SEREF737


via @lunacla74

... and whatever you may wish or need!
Magenta K-San

Pic via @kokoroco25

p. s.: Please remind that many people (including me) have (had) enough of explosions this year.
STYLE! IT! TAKES! recommends donations for honourable causes, sweet sparklers (Wunderkerzen), candles, champagne & kisses for celebration. :-) :-* ♥♥♥

For 2016 we demand 399 days of love & peace.

Lipstick Lesbian Cinema: Girls Kissing Girls
A real scary Halloween

Special thanks to all my lovely tweeting friends for these wonderful pictures as well as to the - unfortunately often unknown / unnamed - original photographers & models of course. A wish for next year would be to name the sources of the pics on Social Media more often.

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