Tuesday, January 22, 2013

POPSIMONOVA live in DEGENEROTIKA fashion design

@ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 - Night of Fashion, Performances & Music /
Grüner Salon der Volksbühne / Berlin-Mitte / Berlin Fashion Week 18. Januar 2013

This great picture has been made by Ruby Venezia Kainu - thank you so much!!! ♥

POPSIMONOVA in action live on stage wearing fashion designs by DEGENEROTIKA


All the following POPSIMONOVA pics by our great photographer Lux Artifex / Atelier 'et LUX'

KERSTEN dressed in KNOTH KOUTURE (left) introducing Lana from POPSIMONOVA (center) and Thea and Jasa, the fashion designers from DEGENEROTIKA (all 3 dressed in Degenerotika)

 POPSIMONOVA smiling in front of a completely filled GRÜNER SALON, people dancing

 The significant and wonderful horse leather cuirass of DEGENEROTIKA fashion design with suiting silver-pinned gauntlets and a harness
POPSIMONOVA combined it with a striped semi-transparent black glitter-knitted dress by DEGENEROTIKA

Here you can see the whole outfit from top to bottom.
These phantastic shoes were also designed by DEGENEROTIKA. POPSIMONOVA wore some sexy stay-ups with it.


Amazing Croatian Electro Diva
(Enfant Terrible Rec., Romance Moderne, Half Releases)

Violent Avantgarde Fashion from Berlin

DEGENEROTIKA fashion label's residence atelier:

Schreinerstr. 10
10247 Berlin
U5 Samariterstrasse

More about DEGENEROTIKA in this blog:

Video-Cuts of POPSIMONOVA & DEGENEROTIKA live @ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 by Martin Fürstenberg
Promo-Pictures by Shąvi Ląvi of POPSIMONOVA wearing DEGENEROTIKA fashion design for STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 at Berlin Fashion Week January 2013

I'd like to thank Lana from POPSIMONOVA for her great music and concert and Thea and Jasa from DEGENEROTIKA for their amazing fashion designs - this combination has been absolutely wonderful and our cooperation has been as lovely as it could be! ♥

Thanx also to RUBY and LUX for these great pictures!

... and a special thank to Sasa from the music project ZARKOFF for helping me a lot with stage related things that night...

You all are gorgeous!!!

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