Thursday, January 24, 2013


@ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 - Night of Fashion, Performances & Music /
Grüner Salon der Volksbühne / Berlin-Mitte / Berlin Fashion Week 18. Januar 2013

KERSTEN in a KNOTH KOUTURE dress & GREGOR MARVEL from Friendly Society dressed in GREGOR MARVEL introducing NORA BELOW wearing GregOr Marvel / FRIENDLY SOCIETY at our great Night of Fashion, Performances and Music. In the background you can see POPSIMONOVA wearing DEGENEROTIKA watching us after her great concert. Two photos by Ruby Venezia Kainu. ♥


All the following pics of NORA BELOW's live show wearing GregOr Marvel / FRIENDLY SOCIETY fashion designs by our great photographer Lux Artifex / Atelier 'et LUX'...

Nora's big pineapple hair was styled by GregOr Marvel - great job, Gregor! (^.^)

NORA BELOW performed an amazing live concert after midnight featuring a lot of my favourite songs of hers, including such wonderful songs as "Symbiotically Dreaming", "Wicked", "Thanatos" (which I still call "September Rain" (^.^)...), "Glughy" and the classic "Auto Aggression" (the latter from her great Bomb Boutique EP).

Thank you, NORA!!! Thank you GREGOR!!! XXX, ♥♥♥

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