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@ STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 - Night of Fashion, Performances & Music /
Grüner Salon der Volksbühne / Berlin-Mitte / Berlin Fashion Week 18. Januar 2013

Germany's most glamorous Burlesque artist MARLENE VON STEENVAG opened the second Night of Fashion, Performances & Music performing MISS MOSS CORSETS with an amazing show called 'Bird of Paradise'. In the middle and center of this performance Marlene showed a breathtaking handmade corset by our great designer Miss Moss from MISS MOSS CORSETS.

Marlene started her dance with huge white-transparent Egyptian Love Goddess ISIS-style wings reflecting all the colours like a rainbow, in a wonderful white dress and with beautiful white flowers in her hair...

 Osiris Ounnefer and winged Isis, Isis Temple, Philae Island, Egypt (pic by Rémih) 

Beside being Goddess of Love, ISIS is also recognized as Goddess taking care of the Dead, as Goddess of the Sea, Mother of the Sun and Goddess of the Moon, to mention just a few...

With her phantastic wing dance (greatly to be seen in the video by Martin Fürstenberg, see link below), Marlene showed her wonderful white dress wearing beautiful white gloves and gorgeous jewelry...

Blossoms everywhere...

And then we got to see her amazing MISS MOSS CORSET - breathtakingly beautiful...

The phantastic colours reminded me a bit of the movie Marie Antoinette, and I wasn't far off, as fashion designer Miss Moss cites historical costumes as her main influences... Meeoooooow!

The underbust corset of pink satin covered with luxurious blue lace was handmade by Miss Moss and has so many wonderful details... so lovely! ♥

Making the corset, Miss Moss and Marlene von Steenvag worked very closely together:

“The corset was tailor made to Marlene's measurements.
Marlene really likes to pull her corsets tightly so I had to pay special attention to the size of the waist – making sure it could be small enough for her to tight lace if she wants to!
Marlene and I pretty much chose the fabrics at the fabric shop, we worked together to find out what she needed and what she fancied!”

In addition to Miss Moss' corset (in the picture above you can see the beautiful inside of it), Marlene used the rest of the fabrics Miss Moss and Marlene chose before to create these fitting dessous herself: a holder-neck bra with wonderful details, a beautiful slip with bows at the sides, nipple pasties plus a belt with garters.

In the last phase, Marlene turned her performance into a wonderful feather dance with huge pink ostrich-feather fans, but ending in a mussel. Is the Goddess of Love after transforming into a princess, a queen, a dancer, a stripper, a bird finally returning to the sea or is she turning to stone in the palaces, gardens and parks of the world...?

ein Rausch der Sinne

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Here you can watch great video cuts of this performance:

Germany's most glamorous Burlesque Artist

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performing Fashion Design by

Custom Corsets and Handmade Couture in Berlin

Küss die Hand, liebe Marlene, das war wunderschön!!!

Danke Miss Moss für Dein atemberaubendes Modedesign!!!


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  1. Corsets are very popular in stage dramas as usual. I think they think about the figure.