Monday, January 14, 2013

Video & Flyer STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 ★ NORA BELOW Thanatos

NORA BELOW - Thanatos
Bootlegged live at AKC Medika in Zagreb * 5. Oct. 2012

The video

Teaser-Video von Kersten Haines für
STYLE! IT! TAKES! # 2 - Night of Fashion, Performances & Music
Berlin Fashion Week 18. Januar 2013 * Grüner Salon

I know there are some little mistakes in this video towards the end. Also the name of the song is "Thanatos", not "September Rain" as mentioned at the end (nice title though, too :-)) I'll replace this video with an edited version after finding time to do this. But still love this combination of Nora Below's wonderful song and these amazing pictures of our great artists and designers... Thanx so much to everyone of you!!! XOXOX

The flyer

Nora Below, who is not only a phantastic musician and singer as you heard in the video above, but also a great artist and drawer, did this lovely drawing of herself (left hand side), Popsimonova (middle) and Marlene von Steenvag (to the right) for our flyer, too. I asked her for that and suggested my ideas and she made and drew it.
So I finally just had to do the rest of it (ok., 'just' is a bit of nothing. To get the flyer into print, still many steps had to be taken (above you can see an example of what happened getting it into a printable form...)). (^.^)
But that's how we wanna work - together and in cooperation.

Thanx so much Nora, your illustration is so lovely!!! ♥


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