Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fireblowballs & sweet sparkling wishes for The End of Time

Multi-coloured #fireblowballs & #loveworks

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One of my favourite blog posts this year has been my rainbow-coloured double post about the Flower Girls pt.⊰1⊱ & pt. ⊰2⊱. We shouldn't forget the funny blowballs and the flowers in the sky, of course. Only thing is, I hate the war-like sound and partly aggressiveness of NYE as much as I do how much money people spent on this (and that they start already three days ahead).
As you may know, I prefer the sweet and sometimes even the quieter things. So here come the pure beautiful flowerworks in the sky and other sparkling dreams. You can choose your sound for it yourself. What about Händel's "Feuerwerksmusik" (why not? it's wonderful!)? Or something dark? Electronic vibes? Or you stay tuned to the original sound of the street? Decide yourself while watching these sweet sparkling moments, lovely scenes and impressions for a stylish NYE... ♥


Pic via @ghadazien

... so maybe you take a sweet sparkling glass of champagne...

Pic via @Valeria20june

... and pick your favourite music & love notes for...

The End of Time

The end of the year always appears to me like 'the end of time'...

... but I should learn, it is not, because...

"We have #Time, we are #Eternity"

... so we can stay relaxed regarding the time problem
(and me too, I should listen to my tweep Petra van der Hulst more often anyway! ^.^)

... and just watch the beauty of the...

Fireblowballs & Flowerworks

They really look like multi-colored fire blowballs, don't they? Sweet.

... so let's open the gates to a new tomorrow!

I ♥ this!
Gif via @JenaC2

Feliz 2017!


Well this is a passionate kiss indeed! (^.^)
MinnieMouse & MickeyMouse Gif via tumblr

Sweet Sparkling Wishes

I personally prefer #sparkling #hearts at #NYE

... and sweet sparkling wishes in a golden dress...
"Je vous quitte à demain" (@cat_nole)

Love & Luck! #SistersForEver
(via @adilando)

... and all the sweetness!
Pic via @DMetamorphoses

The flappergirl blows

Contrary to last year, my private wishes remain a secret.

Wishing everybody a hopefully peaceful evening and a wonderful night
and a fantastic start into a Happy New Year!

Love & Kisses


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