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An elevator full of YAN HATS

Usually, I'm absolutely not known for being into hats. At all. Even practical reasons like shelter from sun or rain are not really an excuse, there are umbrellas too - which I actually like very very much!!! And, I mean, why should somebody cover their - even if a bit confused or during (often charming) 'bad hair days' - beautiful hair style with a hat? In opposite to a weird hair style - hats often just look somehow ridiculous to me and sometimes seem only like an excuse. Like, wearing some sneakers because they are comfortable and pretending they are cool... ;-)
I like arty headpieces and I totally love the little teasers, like bobby pins, flowers, headbands or little fascinators, but - where's the aesthetic ecstasy in hat wear?

Ground floor

Models queueing up in front of the elevator... coming for a YAN HATS shooting in the top floor of the building...
~ Photo by Emma Livingston ~

But, to every rule there are exceptions. First has been the perfectly deployed headwear worn by Thea Adora Bauer of DEGENEROTIKA label. And when I saw what Argentinian hat and fascinator stylist Yan Xcess from YAN HATS is creating, I have to admit, I've been convinced finally... :-) So, I could say:

Mostly, I'm not into hats... but I'm addicted to... and
I love YAN HATS!!!

Designer Yan Xcess creates amazing graphics - and gorgeous fascinators & hats

Top Floor
The preparations of a YAN HATS shooting

... but somebody uses the elevator for something else...

YAN HATS Black fascinator (Winter 2013)
Photos by Emma Livingston

Model: Flor Grillo (LO Model Management)

Breath-taking fascinators reminiscent of cubistic crystals are prepared on the head of a beautiful model here already, and Argentinian photographer and artist Emma Livingston - tired of waiting - took the stairs to capture these beautiful moments with her eyes and camera, too.

Seventh floor

On this floor, there's a YAN HATS Catwalk going on. She's presenting these unbelievable hats for the AW collection 2014 of Argentinian fashion designer Fabián Zitta, who does fashion runways around the world and has represented Argentina in the last New York Fashion Week in October 2013 (YAN HATS made the headpieces for this collection as well). Luckily photographer Emma Livingston - as none of the missing models arrived at the top floor yet - just took the walking way again to shoot this amazing show one floor below instead of waiting. I'm so glad that she made it in time!!! ♥


YAN HATS for Fabián Zitta AW 2014 * All photos of this show by Emma Livingston

I love these hats... and what gorgeous dresses, too!!! ♥


So, even though some visitors missed the show, Emma was there and not only the Argentinian press was very thankful for that! YAN HATS appeared in many fashion magazines already, to name just one, in Harper's Bazaar Argentina. This is a cover from La Nacion Revista magazine resulting from today's show...

Sixth floor

Still busy...

In this floor another woman uses the waiting time for posing in a wide-brimmed YAN HAT. She dressed up so fine to attend another fashion show two floors below...

Productión y stylist: Shei Szulanski from Emilio Lacroze Study
Photo and Post-production: Jose Miguel Moreno
Modelo: Flor Laya Visage Models

Fourth floor
FABIÁN ZITTA & YAN HATS Fashion Show SS 2014
@ Faena Arts Center / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since, in this floor there's a joint-venture catwalk of YAN HATS & FABIÁN ZITTA Fashion going on, presenting the summer collection 2014. It's already running, so nobody recognizes the troubles at the entrance...


... and it could be filmed undisturbed (^.^):

Second floor

An integral production by Nadia Hnatiw of Concept Mag,
also published as ¨Mind Games¨ in Remix Magazine # 197.

Model Black Queen & White Queen: Virginia Ferreira

Also other YAN HATS models see it relaxed, starting to play larger-than-life chess to pass the time... or, actually, playing mind games... ♥

Model: Virginia Ferreira

Photos & Arte Digital:
Pipe Zabala

Direccion de Arte, Produccion & Estilismo:
Nadia Hnatiw of Concept Mag

Make Up: Agustina Recayte Make Up
Hair / Pelo: Marcelo Pedrozo para Concept
Art Nails: Penny Nail para Jazmin Calcarami Estudio con productos Maybelline

Ilustracion 3D:
Asistente de produccion: Javi Melfi Svetko PH

Modelo: Virginia Ferreira para Pink
Fascinators: YAN HATS
Outfit (Clothing): Benitez Emilse and Group 134

Top floor
Finding each other...

Observatory Collection
at the Buenos Aires Observatory Galileo Galilei

All photos in this floor again by Emma Livingston
left: Cintia Garrido wearing a YAN HAT, both models wearing FABIÁN ZITTA ♥

The top floor still is waiting. Gladly, the models like each other and use the time for chatting on the corridors...

Models Juli Rossa (left) & Cintia Garrido (right) wearing YAN HATS

Finally, the models waiting for the elevator made their way up for the shooting by using the stairs, too. Everybody's relieved to meet and so there has to be time for more backstage chats about the stuck elevator and what happened waiting for the others. Then, the shooting can begin...

Models posing in FABIÁN ZITTA Fashion & YAN HATS

Ground floor
Too late...

When the elevator door finally opens, other models searching for the rest already got lost in and around the building... The one on the left is stuck somewhere in the stairwell, the one to the right ended up exhausted searching in the YAN HATS Fashion Nightliner... but, don't both look absolutely gorgeous?

Hat: YAN HATS * Model: Cintia Garrido * Photo: Sol Abadi
Fascinator: YAN HATS * Model: Juliana Rossa * Prod. & Sty.: Paula Segovia * Photo: Javier Flores Leyes
for DMAG Argentina (Julio 2013)

Going out into the Garden of Desire
Coming to Berlin...

Yan Xcess of YAN HATS * Photos: Joakin Fargas * Styling Fatima Fargas

Now, after being literally everywhere in this building at the same time, definitely, YAN HATS designer Yan Xcess needs a break in the Gardens of Desire... ♥

Buenos Aires / Argentina
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Closing Credits
Elevator photos

Dan Fogwill from Caseros City Studio

 And guess who
are the

Yan Xcess (YAN HATS) & Pato (PATOKAI)!!
It's their Wedding pics - and now they both will appear at our lovely event... :-)

Love & Kisses - looking forward so much!!!


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