Saturday, July 4, 2015


"Girls deliver Ice, 1918"
Unknown photographer, coloured by Dana Keller
via Twitter Petra van der Hulst @petravdhulst

Just freshing up, so I thought I leave some nice summer pics here for you!
Being lazy, just some lovely RTs from our STYLE! IT! TAKES! Twitter! :-)
Have a beautiful summer day, too!

"Find Yourself a Spot in the Shade #StayCool"
via Twitter Petra van der Hulst @petravdhulst

... or wear something beautiful & free at home... #StayCool

Photo via Twitter @thunderstorm_13

"It's Seriously Time for a Drink"
Twitter Petra van der Hulst @petravdhulst

I'm going to catch this now!!!

"Gerçeklerle yüzleşme zamanı"
(don't know what this means,

I just see the ice, the cream and the berries!!! ;-)
via Twitter Pinar Demiray @pinardemiray

"Some like it Hot - Some Like it Cold #StayCool"
Marilyn Monroe on the set of Some Like It Hot, 1959
Twitter Petra van der Hulst @petravdhulst

At the beach
Oooops, I lost the source... somebody on Twitter (^.^)

"Too Hot to Handle #StayCool"
via Twitter Petra van der Hulst @petravdhulst

Btw, Happy 4th of July, #USA!!!
... but this is really too hot today!

"I åtta fall av åtta hade jag hellre satt punkt för Twitter." (don't know what this means II ;-)
Twitter Scrum Halfves @robjakrobjak

♥ All my favourite berries in one pic!!! ♥
via Twitter ghada @ghadazien

♥ Lovely idea! One for my birthday next week! ♥

"And most of all Relax (And that's what I'm gonna do Now) #StayCool"
Photo for Life magazine by Nina Leen, 1964
Twitter Petra van der Hulst @petravdhulst

Making watermelon hearts later!
via Twitter @luis_kike

Stay cool!

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