Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Haute Couture dress by Degenerotika

Lately I bought a custom made, partly personally handsewn dress by fashion designers Thea B. Adora and Jasa Gladez from Degenerotika, made out of an astonishing, breathtakingly beautiful and luxurious fabric. I first wore it at the Laibach concert, combined with simple white tights and stripey sling-strapped stilletto heels. Though being very tired and exhausted from a long night, when I came back next morning, I didn't want to dress off that lovely outfit and so I decided to make some self-portraits in my gorgeous new Degenerotika dress before finding a rest...
Hope you like it and my pictures as much as I do! ♥

The structures
Whole night and morning were lovely, funny and phantastic, but when I came home I was sooo tired -
sun was shining again already...


Striped thighs (sitting)

Striped Degenerotika dress, striped Dollbreak necklace

In bed with Degenerotika

Dress & shoes suit fine

I don't know how I made these acrobatic pictures of my backside... *lol*

... I just remember that I wanted to capture the beauty of the back design...


...which was exhausting... but so I caught the arm! :-)

My lips and the Dollbreak necklace

I was very happy with my choice of tights too

Though it's not, the fabric looks totally transparent sometimes... ♥

View from the top

Glittering & glamorous details

Kneeing: Beautiful shapes in every position...

Time to sleep! My eyes are exhausted... :-)

But we will look at this beautiful dress again for sure!!! There are many ways to combine it, too...
And I'd love to do a photo-session with a photographer with it when I'm not so tired...

Dress: Degenerotika
Necklace: Dollbreak
Tights: H & M *
* Though very cosy and nice looking, not recommendable due to bad quality!!! It says 70 DEN, but they are very sensitive...
Shoes: Fifth Avenue

Here you find a link list for all about DEGENEROTIKA fashion in this blog! :-) 

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